Want to deal with anxiety? read this…

We live in the age of anxiety. About 40 million adults are affected by anxiety every year in America alone. It is, however, one of the simplest things that can be treated and the least ones that are dealt with in the way they deserve. This article guides you through 12 different methods to cope with your anxiety.

1- Find out what anxiety is

Anxiety is being sorry for what you did not do. It is about being irrationally aware. It is about procrastination and about the fear of failure. You are in a constant state of worrying.

2- Accept yourself

This is your sacred duty. To unconditionally love and accept yourself as it is. Isn’t that selfish? absolutely not. It is the most selfless and considerate thing to do to other people and to yourself. When you love yourself, you eat and sleep well, you get up with a positive attitude towards everyone. On the contrary, when you are nervous at work and at home, this discomfort can be transmitted to your co-workers and mates. To put it mildly, you owe it to yourself and to everyone that loves you to feel good about yourself.

3- Get something done.

For tomorrow, pick something, not so big, and commit to doing it No matter what happened. Then add something for the next day. Every day you set a goal for tomorrow. Something you can do, Until one day you find that you trust yourself. You are someone who can do what he decides to do. Do not just do it; do it with passion and style. Do it differently. Do it with a smile and a positive attitude. And notice how your perspective towards things makes them completely different. You will find that life is not that bad.

Achieve something

4- Practise some meditation

Life is fast. Anxiety is the trap when you are constantly thinking about the future and the past. You are regretting doing awful things, planning a bright future for yourself and your kids. Amid all these thoughts, take a 5-minute break and meditate. Close your eyes, get your attention on breathing, ditch the future plans and the past mistakes and anchor yourself into the present. Once you know how to stop and breathe, congratulate yourself because this will be your tool to put yourself in the present and stop the future and past thinking.

5- Listen to music

Music stimulates serotonin production. Lose yourself in your favourite soothing tones. Music can mě«tivate you with uplifting lyrics. Find yourself a genre that you enjoy and let it be your shelter when life becomes blue.

6- Be your biggest fan

This might look selfish as we mentioned above. No, it is not. Do you want to show a terrible version of you to your spouse/children/ loved ones? If the answer is no then you should love yourself. Not taking care of yourself is selfish.

7-Read some books

Books can be a great tool to help you cope with and defeat anxiety. In a book, you can read the definition of a feeling you had through the years yet you could not identify, and thus shrinks shame and it helps you move forward. Some recommended self-help books are The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook, The Highly Sensitive Person, The Stress-Proof Brain. These books can be of great benefit to you.

7- Practice

Nothing worth coming comes easy. And getting over anxiety is no exception. Now you know how to do it, you need to practise it as much as you possibly can. Make it part of your routine. Remind yourself about your commitment. You owe it to yourself and to everyone you love to feel good. It is not easy but it is worth it.

One day you will realize that your anxiety is not about what might happen. It is about your imagination of future situations that” you might not be able to handle” which is complete nonsense.

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