How to deal with being dumped?

Most guys deal with times when their loved ones tells them that they’re not welcomed anymore. Though it is a feeling that no one wants to experience, it is an essential feeling to grow up. In this article I am going to introduce you to some of the things you should immediately do after being dumped.

1- Just leave..

It is the last thing a guy wants to do, but this is the first thing we should. We want to explain ourselves, we want to send texts, we want to call. This is absolutely not the right thing. Just give her space.

2- Understand that what you feel is natural, and it will pass.

This is the second thing you must understand, and the second thing that most guys don’t understand. It feels bad, it feels upsetting and feels like the scar will stay for life. Just chill, it will take its time.

3- Don’t listen to music.

The reason behind this is that every song has some feelings, has some memories that remind you of a time you passed with her.

4- Call your friends.

It is not healthy to be alone. Socializing and having some quality time with your friends might heal your soul. arrange for an outing, drink some coffee together. But don’t talk trash about her.

5- Make you the priority.

There’s no time to be selfish etter than this. treat yourself. Plan your future. Get you a good workout or a healthy meal.

6- Join the gym

Working out has the ability to get you through the hardest times. Through the physical pain of exercise, you forget about the mental pain and atrocities. As you become physically stronger, you become mentally stronger.

7- Stop drinking

Drinking especially during hard times makes things worst. It might be a good chance to take care of yourself and stop this habit.

8- Start dating again

After a while, you started to take care of yourself, you stopped drinking and things are becoming relatively fine, this is the time to go out and mingle again. Just because you weren’t right for her does not mean you are not awesome.

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