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Scissor Cutter

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Now you’ll always be ready for BBQ and Picnic Time!
Say hello to chopping in a much quicker way! Release the tension from your wrist and cut faster, easier, and protects your hand from harmful impact.

Why would you love it?
Quick Chop, No Flop! This is what happens when you combine a food chopping knife, a mini cutting board, and then put it into the shape of a pair of scissors to allow you to cut and chop pretty much anything like you're using regular scissors. Users who like to make salads can save 50% of the preparation time than usual. A mighty kitchen tool must have!

Bonus Features!
Quality and Convenient. A combination of high-quality, rust-resistant, razor-sharp, stainless steel knife and chopping board.
Quick and Chop almost anything. Cutting just became much easier and a whole lot quicker! From onions and cheese to vegetables and even meats.
Safe and Comfortable. The ergonomically shaped handle is practical and easy on the hands. Designed with a safety lock at the end of the handles to avoid accidental cuts.
Time Saver. Great substitute for a full set of knives and cutting board.
Easy cleaning. Dishwasher-safe or can be washed by hand under warm water right after usage.

Ready to chop in a snap! Simple. Easy. Done.

Package: 1 Scissor Cutter

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